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Segovia! A quaint walled city thirty minutes from Madrid by the high-speed AVE train, Segovia is famous for the Roman aqueduct that marks the entrance to the city. It’s made without mortar—entirely a feat of engineering. So impressive.

The city itself is charming as well, and what started out as a cloudy day got even better once the sun came out. Segovia is near the mountains, which made it a fair handful of degrees colder than Madrid, and the sun provided precious warmth.

With a few stops along the way for lunch, postres and browsing shops with mudéjar style crafts, tiles and plates, we walked to the opposite side of the city to see the Alcázar. The word derives from al-qasr, the Arabic word for castle. On the way to Segovia, I learned from a podcast that back in the days of Moorish rule and…

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